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Phillippa Kenny

light designer
& sculptor


"I’m always looking for that ‘a-ha’ moment when the balance is reached between the formal components of a design and the desired overall allure and impact."

Light designer and sculptor Phillippa Kenny lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and has been making light-based work, suited to both domestic and commercial spaces, since 2004.

Phillippa received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture) in 2001 from Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand and in 2001 was awarded first place in the Depot Art Award for Untitled, 2001.

Phillippa has exhibited in a number of Auckland galleries and outdoor sites, and several of Phillippa’s works are included in the Wallace Arts Trust Collection.


Group Exhibitions:


2014  March


Harbourview Sculpture Trail - Harbourview Peoples Park, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland, NZ

2013 November - 2014 October


Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens Exhibition 2013 - Kaipara, Auckland, NZ

2013  October


ARTWEEK - Auckland, NZ

2013  March


Between Tides  - Jersey: Twelfth Annual Event
Westmere Beach - Auckland, NZ

2012  April


Third Course - Art on a Plate
Northart - Auckland, NZ

2011  March 


Between Tides - Jersey: Tenth Annual Event
Westmere Beach - Auckland, NZ

2010  March


Affair of the Heart 2010
Northcote College - Auckland, NZ

2009  April


Northart Members’ Exhibition - Autumn
Northart - Auckland, NZ

2008  October


Not Just Wallpaper
Letham Gallery - Auckland, NZ

2008  October


Strictly Bayview
ART94124 - San Francisco, CA

2008  May


Parallel Parade
Northart - Auckland, NZ

2007  December


Northart Members’ Exhibition - Summer
Northart - Auckland, NZ

2007  April


Painted Plates
Northart - Auckland, NZ

2007  March


Between Tides - Jersey: Sixth Annual Event
Westmere Beach - Auckland, NZ

2004  November


100x100x100 200x200x200 Show
McPherson Gallery - Auckland, NZ

2003  December


100x100x100 200x200x200 Show
McPherson Gallery - Auckland, NZ

2001  February


Depot Art Award Exhibition
Depot Art and Music Space - Auckland, NZ


Northcote Point
Auckland 6027
New Zealand

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